Bald Eagle Photography Workshop at Conowingo Dam

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Join Scott Turnmeyer for a full morning of bald eagles at the famous Conowingo Dam.

This workshop, “Bald Eagle Photography Workshop at Conowingo Dam”, is great for everyone. We will stay the night before just about 30 minutes from the location, get up early and head to the dam. There will be plenty of bald eagles to photograph! 

Truly a unique experience. 

What is required:

  • Camera with charged battery(ies) and clear memory cards
  • A telephoto lens of at least 400mm, the longer the better
  • Camera with manual settings
  • Tripod

What is recommend, but not required:

  • Mask

Total time: est. 3 hours

Only pre-registered attendees are allowed. All individuals will be required to sign a waiver of liability for both Scott Turnmeyer Photography and the Shenandoah National Park. Participants may be required to pay park entry and meet at the shoot location.

Minimum of 6 registrations needed for non-private workshops to take place.

There are no refunds. If you do cancel, we must receive written notice of your cancellation. All fees are non-refundable and travel insurance will have to take up the slack should you have a life emergency that precludes your attendance on the tour.

Additionally - please note that there are no partial refunds made for unused portions or services of a trip for any reason whatsoever. Trips are sold as a package only. This policy also applies to tour extensions and independent travel arrangements. Cancellation fees are not transferable. Tour seats are non transferable.

We know life is unpredictable so travel insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

In the extremely unlikely event that the tour cannot take place due to acts of God, war, terrorism, etc., your trip will be refunded. All sessions are conducted rain or shine. Weather will not be cause to cancel a tour. While this tour has been scheduled to run at a time when weather is typically very good, the weather there is extremely unpredictable. We will photograph no matter what unless conditions are dangerous, i.e., if there is thunder. That decision will be that of Scott Turnmeyer, and his decision is final.

You can bring your spouse/significant other but they must pay for their seat whether or not they photograph the action. A registration form and waiver needs to be filled out for each person. Couples traveling together will receive a discount for sharing a room. A single occupancy room is available for every participant and included in the tour package fee whether or not it is used.

WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE! All persons, no matter their nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, creed, etc. are welcome. All tour participants are expected to treat everyone on the trip with respect.

This is a sustainable and environmentally responsible photo tour. There is such a thing as certified sustainable travel. We will operate under a "leave no trace" policy for all items on this tour, and have worked continuously to improve recycling, energy reduction and carbon impact. Operating with the environment rather than off of it, we respect the nature we encounter at all times.



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