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Tower Butte

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"Tower Butte" is one of Scott Turnmeyer’s iconic prints. Scott took this shot of Page, Arizona’s iconic landmarks from helicopter. A rare shot to find, and one that Scott has chosen to be included in Open Edition (more info below on the Editions and the Exclusive Limited Edition Club).

Pricing of Scott’s prints allow you to get in when a piece is released for the best price. As the Edition sells the price increases at different levels, so the first 50% to buy a piece get it for the lowest price. There are 4 Pricing Levels as the Edition sells.

Scott has three types of editions. All hand picked to be included in that given edition.

Artist Proofs:

  • Only 1 Artist Proof will be available for any given photo.
  • Artist Proofs are an investment of $2,000 no matter what size.
  • Artist Proofs come individually numbered 1 of 1 and hand signed by Scott along with a Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Artist Proofs are all delivered as a Metal Print with an Acrylic front. Only the top of the line for Scott”s Artist Proofs. 
  • Purchaser gains immediate access to the Limited Edition Club.
  • Purchaser will receive a personalized letter from Scott. 

Limited Editions:

  • The cream of the crop. These photos are limited to only 100 prints in any size.
  • They are chosen by Scott because of their uniqueness and rareity in the shot, as well as difficulty in getting that shot.
  • They come hand signed by Scott and individually numbered out of 100
  • They come with a certificate of authenticity showcasing the individual number of your piece
  • Purchasers gain entry into the exclusive Limited Edition Club (more info below)

Open Editions:

  • Hand picked by Scott
  • No limit to the number printed


Limited Edition Club:

The Rare Edition Club is what any fan of Scott’s work would want to be in. You gain entry by purchasing one of Scott’s Rare Edition prints, or are chosen by Scott personally to be included. There is no fee to be a member of this exclusive club, but you get the following benefits:

  • 1 week Presale/Prerelease notification for any of Scott’s newest Rare Edition pieces. This allows you to buy a piece when it first comes out and is at its lowest price.
  • An annual 25% off certificate good for any of Scott’s Fine Art Prints, Classes, Workshops or Sessions. All are emailed out in November of each year.
  • Email newsletter of Scott’s upcoming events, photos in the works and future destinations
  • Personal welcome letter by Scott and your Club ID verifying your membership
  • Numerous online chat and Q&A sessions with Scott


Print Mounting Options:

Prints are available in four options. 

  1. Artist Proof: Only 1 Artist Proof will be available for an image. Numbered 1 of 1. 
  2. Print only: The print will arrive in plastic and is ready for you to find the perfect frame for it. 
  3. Mounted: The print will arrive mounted onto a foam backing and is ready to hang. We recommend utilizing the 3M Velcro Picture hanging strips to place on your walls. See photo below, but please not that the hanging strips shown below will NOT be included. Prints comes flat on the back. 
    Scott Turnmeyer Photography Print Mounting
  4. Metal: The metal prints are stunning!!!! Very vivid colors and come ready to hang. Most are lightweight that the 3M Velcro strips would work fine, but there are stand nail hanging options on the back as well. See photo examples below. 
    Scott Turnmeyer Photography Metal Print Option


If you have any questions on this item, or are looking for something different, please let us know. 

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