Moonglow Medieval Cross Necklace

Moonglow Medieval Cross Necklace

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Find Your Moon from Moonglow

Ancient meets modern with this artfully designed Medieval Cross Necklace aligned with the power of the moon. For centuries, crosses have been worn as a statement of faith. Here, the statement is all about style and at its center is the moon’s soulful energy on a day you hold close to your heart. 

Simply select the day that’s meaningful to you -- your birthday or that of your lover, the day he popped the question or the day she said yes. And, like the moon itself, our lunar charms catch the rays of the sun by day to illuminate in darkness -- creating a soft soulful glow that will surely be a conversation starter! 

1 1/2" x 1 1/4" hand-finished pewter pendant
10mm mini moon phase image
16" - 30" stainless steel chain

There is a lead time of 4-6 days


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