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We've taken Van Gogh's iconic Starry Night and showcased every swirled yellow star and dark silhouette against the night sky in an exclusive MOVA design.

Starry Night has delighted art enthusiasts for over a century. You'll instantly recognize the sweeping brush strokes, dark backdrop, and vibrant stars, scaled down and formatted for your globe. As it rotates, you'll see every detail from a whole new vantage point. Whether the painting holds special meaning to you or you're simply a lover of famed artwork, this globe will make an inspired addition to your home.

  • Features Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Turns using ambient light
  • Hidden magnets provide movement
  • No cords or batteries


      How it Works


      MOVA Globes combine effortless performance with eye-catching graphics. Each handcrafted globe mingles vibrant artwork with our patented technology for flawless rotation without batteries or messy cords. Hidden solar cells use ambient light for power, while the earth’s magnetic field provides the necessary torque. These elements work in unison to power a whisper quiet mechanism, allowing the globe to rotate within a clear outer shell. Each piece is assembled with such precision, it appears the inner and outer layers are one – rotating without any outside power source.



      MOVA Globes are assembled by hand using the highest quality materials. Every MOVA Globe is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the original date of purchase when handled with proper care.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Robert Peel
      Starry globe

      I was very pleased with the globe and also appreciated you prompt reply to my inquiry.
      Many thanks.

      Susan Beilby
      Van Gogh Starry night

      Just arrived, size 4.5” so the smallest one I think but I didn’t want a huge one, it sits on my side board whirling around with natural light and then at night we have a lamp near it so it happily carries on whirling until we switch off the lights. I love it, arrived very well packaged in its own box inside another bigger box with extra padding. I have wanted one every since I saw them in a shop in the USA, I live in Australia so had to buy online from Turnmeyer Galleries, fantastic service Highly recommend this company and totally recommend the Mova globes, just fascinating to watch amazing how they work.

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